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About us

We are mad about scuba diving!
When you choose to dive with Bournemouth Barracudas, you are choosing instructors who are passionate about diving and the environment and who have many years of experience and loads of local knowledge.

We operate as a not-for-profit club offering members and non-members a fun, safe and affordable way of diving.


Whether you wish to learn to dive, or are already qualified, we believe that you get more out of the sport when you're part of a dive club.

From small beginnings...

Bournemouth Barracudas was founded in 1992 by Iain Grohmann while he was a student at Bournemouth University.

Initially set up as a dive club only for students, the club grew in size and popularity over the three years Iain attended the University.

However as student members begin to graduate and leave University, Iain found that many of them still wanted to be part of the scuba club.

As a University club, it was only open to students. Iain realised that there was a demand for the club to open it’s doors to non-students too.

This steered him to grow the club outside of the University and invite members from the local community to join. It quickly establishing itself as a recognised Scuba Diving Club in the area.

The Bournemouth Barracudas is a not-for-profit dive club run by volunteers. It’s a multi dive agency club and operates under the rules of the governing body of the sport - The British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC).

Meet our Instructors

Iain Grohmann (left) founded Bournemouth Barracudas in 1992 while he was a student at Bournemouth University. Over the last 26 years, Iain has taught hundreds of people to dive, he has dived at some of the best dive sites in the world and has been an avid tri-mix re-breather diver for over 10 years.

Having already reached the prestigious rank of First Class Diver and Instructor Trainer, Iain is working towards becoming a 'National Instructor'.

Graham Savill (right) is a qualified Dive Instructor. Using his skills & experience to teach new students how to dive, Graham has a calm approach, ensuring that even the most nervous students feel confident in the water. Graham is a passionate and an active diver in the local area - he seems to spend more time in the water than out! Graham is currently working towards his Advanced Diver qualification and is already keen to progress to Advance Instructor straight after.

We are proud that we can rely on the support of other voluntary Instructors to help make our club a safe environment for our students to learn to dive. We would love to hear from you if you would like to join the team and progress your qualifications at the same time - get in touch.

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